We’ve spent the fall assessing last summer, reviewing evaluations from camper families, revamping our website, designing new marketing materials, and getting in touch with staff and camp families. We value the feedback tremendously, utilizing it to make improvements each summer. The feedback also helps reinforce what makes our camp special for the children and teens that keep coming back.

Kids who come to Maine Arts Camp tell us they love being part of our small, nurturing community. It’s easier for many of them to make friends and improve their social skills in smaller groups, and they enjoy the personal attention in the activities. They also enjoy being able to be themselves and not try to fit into any mold. Many campers and parents tell us that they just find it a relief to get a break from competition for the summer.

The other day we talked to a parent of a new camper who said her child was so glad to learn that she’ll not only be able to choose her own activities, but do it before camp even begins. She had been a bit overwhelmed making these choices the first day at another camp.

Of course, kids who love the arts enjoy so many of our activies, but we have plenty of choices for those who aren’t necessarily artsy. Most of all, we encourage campers to try new things at camp and not worry about whether or not they’ll be good at it. One parent told us: “What I found is that you really provided a terrific camp that let our kids try a bunch of stuff and kept a safe place where they felt comfortable to try new things.”

Besides the activities, there’s the whole camp experience complete with making friends, singing silly camp songs, learning new games, doing evening activities and gathering around a campfire the last night.  These are the things that create the memories to last a lifetime. This is what camp is all about.


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