Musical Theatre

Musical Theater

Cooking at Camp

Cooking at Camp

In my last posting, I wrote about all the visual arts we offer at Maine Arts Camp. With more than 60 activities, we have many other types of activities as well. We provide high quality instruction in everything we offer, all in a non-competitive environment. And since we limit our enrollment to about 100 campers per session, campers get a lot of personal attention.

Besides visual arts, we have wonderful performing arts offerings. These include the following theater activities:

Acting FUNdamentals: introduces campers to the basics of theatre and acting with individualized self-discovery. Campers work through character and confidence building exercises, learn to shed inhibitions, explore and build upon personal strengths.  They participate in fun acting games, basic improv, work with scripts, build characters, create scenes, and much more.  It’s an acting class that’s all about the fun!

Acting/Directing: an advanced theatre class that will give participants a chance to direct their own scene!  They learn how to choose the right scene, break it down, create a vision, cast it, block it, rehearse it, and put it up.  Campers communicate their vision, connect with their actors, and lead a production team.  As a performer they deal with more detailed scenes and are challenged to connect to their own characters and the choices they make.  This really is an all-encompassing class.  Actors will have a variety of scripts to play with, and gain more experience with a wide range of genres.

Musical Theatre: This activity is for the performer who likes to sing and dance. Emphasis is on learning musical theatre pieces that include singing, dancing and character study. The creation of the group’s musical performance (to be presented at the Final Showcase) will focus on the story telling of musical theatre and how that is accomplished by the individual performer and the group as a whole.

Improvisation: Acting games are used to help the improvisational performer gain confidence in thinking and performing on the spot. Techniques are taught on how an actor can create an arsenal of stock characters that they can apply in improvisational situations, as well as how to relax and enjoy the “Improv” experience.

We also have a comprehensive dance program that includes modern dance, jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, and choreography. In addition, we have a quality music program that includes chorus, guitar, African style drumming and Rock Shop. Here’s a description of the latter two:

African Style Drumming (Beginner Hand-Drum):  Beginner drum starts by getting the correct sounds out of the instrument. We work with a system of bass–tone–and slaps. Students learn proper hand techniques to get the right sound. Each student learns the individual parts and then all the parts will be put together to form a specific rhythm. African, Cuban, Haitian and Brazilian rhythms will be explored. A simple grid system with easy notation will be used to remember each part. If you can count to four, you can learn to play!

Rock Shop: Campers will learn to follow a simple musical chart, playing several different styles from the 50’s rock & roll to current sounds. They’ll learn to jam with others to produce a flow within songs, and what it’s like to be part of a band—from setting up the equipment to rehearsals and then a final performance. They will also dabble in the song writing process and compose simple riffs and grooves.

One of our most popular programs at camp is Culinary Arts (cooking). We offer the following:

  • Baking – Learn to bake a variety of breads, cakes and cookies. A yummy activity!
  • Cooking 101– Learn fundamentals of cooking and have fun preparing and tasting a variety of foods. Campers will bring home a jar of homemade hot sauce or raspberry jam that they prepared at camp.
  • Pacific Rim/Asian cuisineHawaiian, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese.
  • Fusion Cuisine: Pizza egg rolls, Chinese Sweet & Sour Meatballs, Buffalo Chix Pizza etc.   Fusion takes 1 country’s cooking method and uses another country’s ingredients.

In addition, we offer several other special interests including Chess, Creative Writing and Gardening/Environmental Education.

In the area of technology we offer:

Robotics: build robots with LEGO Mindstorms, and program with computers

Rocketry: Campers build a variety of rockets using Estes kits and launch them on the Final Showcase day.


Narrative Film: Be the hero, villain, or director of your own movie. Work with others to create a short movie from scratch, and learn some camera and storytelling techniques along the way.

Film Editing: Discover the art of film editing. Play with special effects using Final Cut editing software and piece together the footage captured by the narrative film activity groups to make a short film.

Abstract film: Learn to create films that are non-narrative, visual/sound experiences. Campers will rely on the unique qualities of motion, rhythm, light and composition to create emotional experiences.


Black and White Darkroom Photography: Learn basics of photography and the workings of the 35mm film camera. After taking photographs, further your exploration by developing your own film and prints in the darkroom.

Pinhole Camera:

Build your own functioning pinhole camera out of a cardboard tube and develop the negatives and prints in the darkroom.

And finally, we offer individual/lifetime sports including: dance/fitness, zumba, yoga, kayaking/canoeing, archery, ultimate frisbee, hiking and biking.

We also offer a specialty week, which I’ll write more about next time. If you want to talk to us about our fabulous activities, please feel free to call us: (561) 865-4330.  You can download the camper application on our website.

Read my previous posts to learn how we handle homesickness, how to know if your child is ready for camp, and how we build character in kids at camp.

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