Videography & Photography

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Our campers love learning the process of film photography. Campers learn to shoot photos, develop film, use enlargers and more. We offer film photography as a double period so that campers who are so inclined can really focus on learning this art. For campers who want to learn to build their own cameras, pinhole camera is a fascinating process. The state of the art photography lab at Colby College is a perfect place for our creative campers. It has 12 enlargers, black and white film processing areas and more.

Our budding film makers have explored narrative film, film editing, special effects, stop motion and other activities over the years. With Kade Hill, our theater/film director teaching and overseeing program, our campers are learning the process of film making while also tapping into their creativity and having fun! To view our videography projects, visit to our Youtube page.

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