Maine Arts Camp Staff

Since our camp is smaller than most overnight camps, we can be more selective in the hiring process, be it with the teachers and professionals who teach most of our activities or with the dorm staff who live with and care for our campers. We hire North American staff, with most of the staff living in the New England area.

The staff at Maine Arts Camp is a mix of teachers (both younger and more seasoned), professionals, recent college grads and current college students. Dorm staff (who live with the campers) are usually 20-35 years old, while the teaching staff and nurses are anywhere from their late 20’s to 70’s. We value both experience and fresh ideas, creating a great energy and learning environment for our lucky campers!

Rick Mades

Camp Director

Kristofer Kauff

Performing Arts Director

Marilyn Barry

Visual Arts Director

Maryellen McCone

Head Nurse
Staff Support

Stephen Hundley

Writing Instructor
Parent Liaison

Jay Barry

Photography Instructor

Lauren Pounds

Head Girls Counselor

Sam Marston

Ceramics Instructor

Bethany Queior

Parent Liaison

Tina Scagliarini

Activity Specialist
Health Care

Jennifer Aguirre

Camp Nurse

Sheila Bessette

Camp Nurse

Molly Syms-Wilson

Dorm Counselor

Mackenzie Rich

Dorm Counselor

Avi Hoen

Head Boys Counselor

Sophie Olmsted

Art Instructor

Sophie Kaplan

Dorm Counselor

Abby Brown

Dorm Counselor

Eli Grover

Dorm Counselor

Alex Bates

Dorm Counselor

Ginny Froonjian

Culinary Arts Instructor
Dorm Counselor

Travis Waters

Dorm Counselor

Meghan Storry

Dorm Counselor

Abigail Dillavou

Dorm Counselor

Rose Anderson

Dorm Counselor

Tess Greenhaw

Dorm Counselor

Enroll Online

Maine Arts Camp now offers the ability to handle almost all aspects of your camp enrollment completely online including submitting forms using our online portal.