Marilyn Barry

Visual Arts Director

Marilyn spent her professional career, spanning 41 years, motivating the creativity and artistic expression of young adolescents. This passion started at a summer camp in Cambridge, MA during the summer of 1972. Marilyn has a Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University School of Art, and a M.Ed. degree from Notre Dame College. She continues to educate herself by keeping up to date on art education practices and methodologies. Marilyn taught middle school art in the Amherst, NH school system from 1972–2013. Marilyn earned the respect of her peers and represented middle school art education when she served on the advisory board for the New Hampshire Scholastic Art Awards.

After raising three children, Marilyn and her husband, Jay, retired to New Smyrna Beach, Florida where she enjoys music, painting, the theater and pursuing her own creative interests in a variety of media.

Marilyn looks forward to assisting the campers as they find and express their own personal voices through the fine arts during her 19th summer at camp.