Summer Camp Testimonials

Patty O. – Northborough, Mass.
I just wanted to thank you for two wonderful camp experiences for Maggie – Last year, and even more this year. Listening to her talk on the way home, I realized that there is an assurance in the way she talks about camp that shows how very comfortable and self-confident she feels there. She has made wonderful friends and is already looking forward to next year. Thanks for creating a camp where the quieter, creative kids thrive! Thank you, Patty O

Jessica T. – Milton, MA
Rick & Co… Thank you so much for this beautiful letters about our girls’ time at camp. They are already talking about next year, what activities they want to try out, what they need to remember to bring, and have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Rick I wanted to thank you especially for creating such a safe haven for kids like mine. School is not always the easiest for both of my children, academically and more so socially, and I was worried about them being around kids that they didn’t know in a strange place. But you seemed to have created a wonderland for kind, creative, quirky like-minded kids and we are so happy to have found you and your team. I know the first couple days were touch and go, but they settled in so nicely and created so many lasting memories…here we are a week after pick up and every day is filled with stories about camp! We can’t wait for next year!! And hopefully for the family camp next summer too!! Sign us up!! Thanks again, Jess & BJ

Alexis R – Rochester, NH
Our daughter Mikel had a life changing experience at camp last summer. I remember speaking to you over the phone in the spring, trying to decide if MAC was the right fit for her. My intuition, and your support, served us well. Mikel has been a different person since her return. since returning from camp she has been able to communicate her feelings more often, ask for help, and begin to trust others in a way she wasn’t able to before. She continues to meet regularly with the peers she met at camp, they are currently doing twice weekly virtual D&D groups. For the first time in her life she “has plans with friends.” I’m sure this is quite typical for most families but it isn’t for us. Meeting other young people who respected her and showed her the love and attention she has been craving – having adults accept her and welcome her – feeling the freedom to self-express without judgment – Mikel was not able to find these things in her daily life outside of home until she went to camp. Truly cannot thank you and the staff enough for what you are able to provide these kids.

Julie A. – Andover, MA
I have no idea where the time went – I really intended to send you a note after camp. Your camp was a life changing experience for Ava (her words) and she really spent the two weeks just free from everything! You took our very camp-averse, full of separation anxiety kid and brought out her confidence and emotion and recharged her interest in art. We loved the physical art that she produced and she literally does not go a week without mentioning camp and her desire to be back!

Ram N. – Durham, NC
Thanks so much Rick, for all the great work that you and the counselors have done. Avi and Sophia are both looking forward to coming back to MAC for the session 2 next summer. Looking forward to seeing you next July, Ram and Emily

Terri G. – Carlisle, MA
The first words from Ashley to me were “I AM COMING BACK NEXT YEAR”!!! She loved camp and the classes and the whole experience. She cannot wait to come back!! Thanks again, Terri

Deb N. – Amherst, MA
I just wanted to say thank you so much for running such a wonderful program. It was an incredible experience for Sonai, and it was wonderful to hear all about it on our long drive home this afternoon. She seems older, more mature, more resilient, and stronger. Plus she got to do some incredible art work which we will definitely be hanging up on our walls. She also seems to have made some new friends, and got to be physically active in some new ways, live in a college dorm, etc., etc., etc.,! You run a fabulous camp filled with wonderful opportunities, and a lot of kindness and support for the kids, and great communication to the parents. Thanks again, Rick!

Kim T. – Glen Ridge, NJ
I am writing to thank you and all the staff at Maine Arts Camp for making Dylan’s first sleepaway camp experience absolutely wonderful! He had a truly amazing time, and has hardly stopped talking about it. He loved all his activities, and thought his counselors and instructors were great. It is clear from the showcase and all his artwork and writing that he learned so much from his teachers (and seems to have had a lot of fun doing so!). It really is amazing what is accomplished in such a short time. He is now a big fan of Sweeney Todd, and has spent much of the last week listening to songs from the show and explaining the story line and plot to anyone who will listen. We are now going to try to get tickets for the off-broadway production in NYC. He loved working with Kris, and has realized that he really likes doing musical theatre. I knew he would, and so he plans on getting involved in some local theatre groups over the fall and winter. As a parent, I really appreciated the guest blogs, keeping us up to date on the goings on at camp. I also appreciated the camper letters from Carver. They were thoughtfully written and very informative. Dylan is missing the friends he made, and the staff, and is already looking forward to next summer. Thanks for everything! Enjoy your remaining time at Colby. Best, Kim

Gina P., Brooklyn, NY
I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what an incredible experience Lola had at MAC this summer. Her first words to us at pick up were “these were the best two weeks of my life!” Lola is a pretty confident person to begin with, but after two weeks basking in the love and admiration of her fellow campers and counselors she was radiant – glowing with new found confidence and skills. Since she’s been home there have been many many conversations about moments at camp – from the time when she and fellow campers symbolically “threw their insecurities off a mountain top” (on biodegradable paper, of course)- to her amazement and joy at her new found ability to write songs and rally a group of band-mates around performing them in the band “Lola & Company” (thank you for the video BTW!) – to how everyone in her dorm cried themselves to sleep the last night in anticipation of having to leave one another the last day. Lola’s pretty sure she’s up for 4 weeks next summer – so I guess we’ll see you at Colby! Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Susie C., England
You have given Ellie the most amazing experience and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. She is now happy and confident a different child already planning next years visit to you all. A massive thank you to you Candy and all your team. Kindest regards from one very emotional Mum!!!

Leslie M, Cedarhurst, NY
Hi Rick~ Thank you so much for sharing the news of Maddy’s experience at Camp! She looked forward to going back there all year long and it sounds like all her hope and dreams for attending again were fulfilled!! Yes she is very creative and spends a great deal of time drawing but it must have been so nice for her to have so many other people with the same talents and creativity to share with! Thanks so much for everything and we look forward to seeing you again next year in your new college~ maybe next year I will finally be able to drive up up and get to finally meet everyone!!! Thanks,Again, Leslie

Julie J. – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Thank you, Hayley~ Thank you!! I just finished reading your email with one of those huge smiles on my face that seems almost like a cliche lol (you know, the smile so big it makes your face hurt?!) But it’s the truth; I’m so happy to read your note that I just can’t quit smiling/bursting… I wasn’t expecting such an email about Emma’s activities and new friendships. Being able to see just a little bit into the “camp window” is exciting and comforting all at the same time. I appreciate your taking such time and care in your observations of Emma and, I’m sure, all of your girls. You’ve made it easy for me to imagine what Emma’s day is like, which is wonderful for me! and I also can tell that you’re really seeing and getting to know her as a person. All of this just makes me feel very happy, relieved, proud. Thank you, again! ~Julie (Emma’s mom)

June B., Weston, FL
Very nurturing camp! Warm and welcoming to everyone. No cliques. My daughter went by herself, not knowing anyone and feeling a little down before she left. She came home on top of the world! She made new friends and felt like she really fit in. It was a great experience for her at the right time.

Julie A., Kennebunkport, Maine
Thank you so much – when I saw him last Saturday, I saw our son in one of those precious moments – he was quietly joyful inside and out. And he told me with such enthusiasm that he’d learned camp policies were such that he could return (as a Senior Camper). I asked him what he was thinking for next summer. He answered: “Mom, 5 weeks.” It will, of course, be our deep pleasure to be signing him up. We see Quinn, back at school now, STILL transformed by this summer. If I can pay that forward, it would make my soul very happy. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

Kim G., Scarsdale, NY
Chloe had such a wonderful time. She wants to make sure I sign her up for next year right away so she can be sure she goes and doesn’t lose her spot! And she wants to stay for five weeks. It was the time of her life! Thank you all so much for creating this wonderful place for the kids. It is unique to find a place with so much love, positive energy, and creativity.

Miwa W., Brookline, MA
We were only home three hours and we are counting down for next year! Thanks so much to both of you for all of your time and care of my child, and for the care you have taken in who works and who attends the camp. My child is a better person for your efforts. As a parent I of course, always want what is best for my child – you have done that for him, and for me. Thank you!

Holly V., Nantucket, MA
Please pass along how much we appreciate the letter and all that (counselor) Maddy did for the girls. I can’t believe how much Maggie loved camp even though it was her first time. Also, this was Caroline’s third and final try at sleep away camp and she can’t wait to come back! Thanks again.

Laurie M., Reading, CT
Zach had a great time at camp. He definitely wants to come back. His 14-year old brother wants to come too. And if you raise the maximum age by a few dozen years, I would like to come as well. The showcase looked like a lot of fun. Thanks for everything!

Angela B., Wellesley, MA
It is a very structured art camp that has great class choices for every interest. Kids thrive here, learn to make good friends and try new activities.

Jen P., Rye, NH
Our daughter loved her experience at MAC and we’re already planning for next year! A much more secure girl came home from camp, loving who she is and celebrating her differences. Thank you for fostering that in her…we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Karyn & Dan B., Amherst, NH
As a parent, I can’t say enough about how organized, thorough, and impressive your entire program is. When we first arrived I was very happy to meet so many kind and friendly staff members. The calm and relaxed atmosphere was especially beneficial to Maddy. Everyone was relaxed, happy and kind; and though I know she was a little nervous by then, she did great. I was happy to see all the health checks when we first got there, your process for dropping things off and letting kids unpack without their parents, the immediate involvement of so many counselors, and the calming attitude of so many caring people. I knew that when I left, despite my nervousness, she would relax soon enough and be okay. I love the small, more personal classes, the mixing of ages among the classes so that they learn to talk and relate to a variety of people. I like that they have so many different options to choose from and so many classes in a day. The evening activities were another high point. It kept them engaged and happy all through the evening—less time for loneliness or homesickness to creep in. The trip days were a good break from the normal routine and Maddy enjoyed them a lot. I really don’t know how to thank you enough for such a great experience for Maddy. This is really something she needed. You have put together an amazing staff, kept numbers smaller, provided an unbelievable variety of things for them to try, made things very personal, interesting, exciting, relaxed and fun. I loved the college campus where you are located, too! We’ll be sending Maddy’s registration for next summer soon.

Jen M., Brookline, MA
Thank you so much for this wonderful report! Hannah had a great time and we’re very glad that she helped make the camp an uplifting place to be! We thoroughly enjoyed the final showcase day, as it allowed us a chance to get a better insight into the activities and work that the kids had all been engaged in. There was clearly a very supportive and creative spirit there and it was nice to feel so included in that! Thanks for a great experience. Hannah looks forward to returning next summer!

Sarah Chant, Maine Arts Camp counselor
I wish you could have heard all of the wonderful things that were said about this place during closing circle tonight. You should both be so proud of the atmosphere that closed out camp this week. We had more tears tonight than I have ever encountered, but more importantly, every kid felt like this was the best place and the best group of people they’d ever been around. It was such a special week, and left all of us feeling great about what we do here!

Blair & Phil N., Boca Raton, FL
We couldn’t wait to let you know that Matthew had an AWESOME time! Can you let all of his counselors know that he truly enjoyed ALL of his activities. What nice kids too! Rick and Candy, you have created an incredibly special place! Thanks for your kindness, care, and vision!

Constance C., Stowe, VT
I wanted to thank you for the great experience Alex had these last two weeks. She had a wonderful time, learned a lot, made new friends, and is already missing Bethany, Ashley, and basically everyone. Alex said that she really appreciated being able to just be herself, and that the campers, counselors and teachers were great. We’ll all keep in touch on Facebook, and look forward to seeing you again. Thank you!

Rosaleen D., Marblehead, MA
The first thing my two kids said was- WE ARE COMING BACK NEXT YEAR! I was so nervous about sending them away for two weeks, especially around the social environment. What I found is that you all really provided a terrific camp that let our kids try a bunch of stuff and kept a safe place where they felt comfortable to try new things. The best proof of that is N. doing a comedy routine at the Final Showcase. Thank you Candy and Rick!

Deborah Q., Topsfield, MA
Dana has clearly adjusted quickly and well to sleep away camp and I am so thrilled with Claire’s comments! The sense I get is that Dana will be there again next summer. It seems as though she is blossoming and having an awesome time as well!

Lisa & Steve P., Acton, MA
Dear Shauna (Maine Arts Camp counselor), Thank you so much for the kind words about your time with our daughter these past two weeks. We appreciate the details about your interactions with her and the insight into her experience at camp. She is not much of a writer, so your observations have been doubly appreciated. Everything we have heard from her has been very positive. I have a feeling you will be seeing her next year. Again, thank you for your energy and nurturing. You have certainly helped her to have a great summer!

Karen M., Marlboro, NJ
Kylie is home and ready to sign up for ALL 5 weeks next summer! She had a blast….great weather…decent food….nice trips (especially the super clean lake!) ….and the activities…and the addition of some free time. She also loved the cooking teacher and her dorm room. Thanks a lot for taking good care of her for us!

Corrie D., Wayland, MA
We loved hearing from Claire (camp counselor). She is clearly a caring and thoughtful woman, and we are so happy that Katie has her as a counselor. Thank you for making this type of communication possible between the staff and parents. It really made our day to get a little glimpse into Katie’s camp life.

Janet & Joe L., Upper Montclair, NJ
We’d like to thank you both for providing a wonderful camp experience for our daughter. She just turned 13 and this was her first time away at camp–and oh, what a good time she had! She loved all her classes–from pottery to black & white photography, and she loved her counselors too. Most importantly, she made some very special friends and gained more self confidence. Hope to see you again next summer!

Ellie B., Cambridge, MA
I want to say thank you because this camp is a true blessing. If I had not gone I would not have learned nearly as much art. Not have gotten to try different things, and I never would have met my best friends. I would not be as happy as I am today if it was not for MAC. So I just wanted to say thank you. See you soon!

Lauren R., Ramsey, NJ
Rick: I just want to compliment you and Candy for the amazing way you run your camp. You are ALWAYS so responsive and accommodating and I really appreciate it!

Barbie C., Acton, MA
My eleven year old daughter attended Maine Arts Camp this past summer. It was her first time away from home and we were all quite unsure what the result would be. She LOVED it!! We were amazed with the quality of the classes she had taken and how much she had learned. Her stained glass work was amazing, the dance production was beautiful and the dramatic production was so professional. More importantly, however, were the things she came home with that were not immediately evident. She was so much more self-confident and so self-assured. She was so proud of herself and her newfound courage. She made incredible, bonding friendships in such a short period of time. It is incredible how much she grew in just a two week period. She is counting down the days until it is time to return to camp. I cannot begin to thank Candy and Rick and all of the counselors at Maine Arts Camp for what I truly believe was a life changing experience for my daughter. I hope it will become a long tradition for our family.

Holly A., Cambridge, MA
I haven’t been in touch with you since Nora was in camp, but I just wanted to thank you (and Rick) for creating such a wonderful camp. As you may remember it was her first camp experience. She (and David and I) were nervous. But she came back having had a wonderful time! She had wonderful stories of new friends, fun and supportive counselors, and things she had learned. She especially loved all her dance classes (please pass that on to Ashley) but really she had a great time in all her classes. In addition to having fun, it was also clear to us parents that the camp experience increased her self-confidence. She will be back next year (perhaps along with her younger sister).

Phyllis A., Beverly, MA
My son, Sam, loved his experience at Bethel Camp for the Arts. He met so many wonderful counselors and fellow campers. He enjoyed every class and proudly showed off all of his artwork. Your camp was a perfect fit for Sam, and his experience was exceptional. He wants to return next summer for 2 sessions! Thank you for everything you do.

Kim F., Weston, MA
I wanted to write to thank you for all that you both did to provide Mikayla with the best, most memorable 2 weeks away! She is planning on attending again next year—and that is the best testimonial for me to hear. Mikayla loved her experience and is vividly describing the 2 weeks to all of us. Thanks for all of your support, and to Sara for her informative emails. We will pack lighter next year! Have a wonderful rest of summer.

Dave S., New York, NY
I wanted to write and send you our undying praise and thanks. Your care and skills and grace are exceptional. We have had 2 experiences with other camps where the kids were simply allowed to suffer through very unpleasant experiences and we only discovered this after the kids came home. Your willingness to step in and help wins our admiration forever. Growing up is hard but people like you make it easier and more fun.

Elaine E., Medfield, MA
Dana has still not stopped sharing anecdotes about various moments during her stay that she enjoyed thoroughly. To say that her Dad and I were impressed is a huge understatement! First, every counselor we met, was friendly, welcoming, and seemed quite dedicated. More importantly, Dana reported in detail, how interesting, helpful and talented she found all of those who worked with her to be. As I’m sure you are aware, this can be quite variable at many camps. You and your colleagues should get great satisfaction in knowing that you are truly appreciated by both the kids and parents! The art work and performances were impressive. This opportunity for the kids to demonstrate their creativity is priceless! I could see the pride and joy in the kids as they shared their work with parents etc.. I know you are already aware how this can boost the confidence of these young artists, which is so very valuable. This is an incredible program, and I thank you for all you offered Dana, which is more than you can imagine.

James & Chen H., East Lyme, CT
We are sorry that we did not have a chance to talk to you before we checked out, but we like to thank you for organizing such a wonderful camp and the activities in the last day! We are grateful that we have the opportunity for Shannon to join the camp. Shannon had a great time in the camp and she said that she is really “camp-sick” today (not much home-sick during the camp). She constantly talks about her new friends, the activities, schedules at the camp. She’s already sent out a letter to a friend who is still in the camp. She said one of the bad things was that now she had to wait for “one year” to come back to the camp! We would like to thank all counselors, especially Sharikka. All of them did a wonderful job.

Kirsten S., Wayland, MA
I just wanted to write back and say how much I have appreciated the two emails I received from the counselor, Alex while Robin was at camp. The first one helped me be confident that Robin wasn’t homesick, was fitting in and having a good time. And the next one provided some great details that I hadn’t heard from Robin yet. I will have to ask her about the Improv class! Robin had a great time at camp and would love to go back next year. She liked all her classes. I think she especially liked pottery, stained glass, yoga, animal care, chorus, and cooking. We really enjoyed the showcase on the last day – what talent! Thanks for providing such a great first sleepaway camp experience for Robin.

Beth G., North Easton, MA
I just wanted to say that Ellie LOVED Cait and could not stop talking about what a great counselor she was. Before camp, my answer to a lot of Ellie’s “What if . . . ?” questions was that she should tell her counselor. On the way home the other day, she said to me, “Mom, you were right – any problem I had, I talked to Cait, and she helped me.” She said that she only had one problem with Cait, and it was that she was a Yankees fan!! (She may have told you that when she was about a year old and first started talking, my sister taught her to say, “Boo, Yankees!”) Anyway, I’m glad that Cait enjoyed getting to know Ellie, and I just wanted her to know that the feeling was definitely mutual.

Steven R., Marblehead, MA
Thanks so much for sending us your note about Sonya. On top of her other, many interests did she tell you that she loved to make jewelry? She and her sister, Nora, spend hours at home making all sorts of wildly creative earrings, necklaces, etc. I bet she loves your work! Glad to hear that Sonya is willing to lift her nose out the book; sometime she gets lost in the pages for hours!

Cindy M., West Newton, MA
We want to thank you for providing such a fun and enriching experience for Alec, and for all arts-inclined kids! We enjoyed the showcase so much (the dancing was especially amazing!), and it was great to get a chance to talk with some of the staff. Our younger son was inspired by the robotics team to come home and get his Lego Mindstorms up and running! (He is also talking about coming to camp!!!) Your care, organization, and creativity was evident in all of your communications and on campus. Bravo! And the eclairs were spectacular! Alec had a great time and is talking about coming back next year.

Cheryl C., Rockville, MD
Marina said she had a wonderful time, enjoyed every class, the counselors and all the new friends she met. She was already talking about the classes she wants to take next year. Thanks for making her first experience at sleep away camp wonderful. Marina is very fortunate to be athletically gifted but also enjoys the arts. Most of her camp experiences have been sports related. This was her choice for a sleep away experience, to not be focused on sports. She loves to dance and experiment with all different art mediums. Your camp was great, the facilities are beautiful and I don’t think the lack of sun changed the experience at all. She has been telling everyone about it, you may see some other faces from the Mid-Atlantic region. Thanks to everyone!

Shannon H. (CAMPER), East Lyme, CT
I had gone to the first session of camp. I would just like to thank you guys for creating such a wonderful program. This was, by far, the best camp I had ever gone to. First off, the counselors were wonderful. They all had so much experience in what they do, like Annika and Marilyn, who were so skilled in making clothes and creating designs. They both helped me so much in vintage fashion design. And Jeff taught me so much about throwing pots on the wheel, and Mark really taught me how to be a better actress. I think I learned more from him in those five classes than I did from my school play that I practiced for for about five months!! Second, the dorms and grounds were so nice and clean, much, much better than I expected. And everyone was so nice there. I had made so many new friends, and we still keep in touch. Camp was the best thing that happened all summer, and next year, I want to go for 4 weeks, and my brother wants to go too!! Thank you soo much. I love this camp!!

Karen H., Calais, Maine
Thanks for your caring and kindness to Brigit. She had a little homesick moment I know, and I appreciate the support you all showed her. She really grew strong at your camp. It was a wonderful experience for her. She can’t wait to return next year to try some old favorites and some new arts. Thanks again, have a great summer.

Hilde G., Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Thanks again, Candy. I really appreciate the level of communication – it seems to us that you have a wonderful thing going on up there.

Deborah A., Chestnut Hill, MA
Kaylie was so happy to be back. Our family loves your camp. We wish we could sell the camp to her younger brother: he’s just a little too sportsy and action oriented. See you in a month!

Carol H, Wayland, MA
Kori is really “hyped” about returning to the Bethel Camp for the Arts this summer. The camp has been a great place for her to grow in so many ways. We are extremely glad that we “discovered” such a great summer camp. Many thanks to you, Rick, and the rest of your team!

Melinda P. – Brunswick, ME
My son, who will be going into 6th grade, is counting the weeks until it’s time to go back to Bethel Camp for the Arts. My regard for the camp and the way that Rick and Candy run it is sky-high. They are quite selective about the counselors they hire and, individually and collectively, the counselors were terrific: tuned-in to the kids and fully engaged with them, while still being leaders. The kids I met on the first and last day fascinated me—strong kids, clearly artistic in a variety of ways, and very pulled together…how to explain… they struck me as kids who definitely hear their own drummer, march to it whenever possible and, when not possible, can follow someone else’s beat. What’s fully missing from this camp is the sort of posturing and jockeying for “position” that I, rightly or wrongly, associate with insecurity. These seemed to be healthy, happy kids who were ecstatic to be spending some of the summer embedded in the arts. They do a terrific job of scheduling. My son took part in 10 different pursuits while he was there, and had enough time with each to go fairly deeply into them—the complete process of making a music video, for example, from concept to dvd; the complete process of kayaking—still waters to some challenging rapids. He also participated in a hip-hop dance class, and they selected music, did the choreography, rehearsed and perfected it, and performed it for parents on pick-up day. This was so satisfying to him—the chance to take things from beginning to end. It was my son’s first extended period away from home, and I cannot imagine how it could have been better for him. In hindsight, I have been able to appreciate this being an extremely well-run camp led by thoughtful people. They say what they do and do what they say. Oliver Wendell Holmes said something about “…simplicity on the far side of complexity.” It sums up my son’s experience, I think—the complexity of a very clear mission, supported by highly qualified counselors, drawing the kids who will benefit, and wrapping it all into a schedule that lets them dig deep while relaxing and having fun in an environment of respect for both the individual and the group—simple :)

Barbara B. – Sharon, MA
Your camp is wonderful and has a lot to offer. We are still seeing the rewards of sending Caroline last year. She has grown into a confident young lady. Thanks again.

Morris H. – Brooklyn, NY
Alexandra’s experiences with the camp have been exceptional and we thank you for providing her with magnificently fond memories.

Bill H., Hingham, MA
Thanks for sending the letter from the counselor, Caroline. Elizabeth is well matched to art camp. When we discovered Bethel Camp for the Arts at a crowded fair at Derby School in Hingham, Elizabeth leaned over to me and said “We can go now, Dad. I know where I’m going.” Perhaps you’ll track her down in a few years and have her back as a counselor!

Dianne H., NYC
Please thank Cait for her thoughtful note about Sofia! She had a fantastic time at camp, and was justifiably proud of her artistic accomplishments. The exhibitions and performances are well organized on the last day for us to enjoy together.

Katy S-R, Ashland, MA
Thanks for making this so easy for us to keep in touch. Also, Thanks for the very organized in-take process too. The campus is beautiful. Mark and I were very impressed with the organization and the maturity of your counselors.

Olga de la P., Ossining, NY
Many thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed report of Maria’s activities. We have also received two letters from her which are consistent with what you tell us. She is having a great time from every point of view and is particularly enjoying baking, sculpture, tennis, animal care and the camp meals. I am very pleased because she researched and chose Bethel Camp for the Arts herself, and I am proud that she was able to propose the right choice. I believe that she is very lucky to be in the care of people like you and her counselors. Many thanks for taking such good care of her, we all appreciate it.

Berit & Gregg, Chester, NJ
Gregg and I appreciated the letter from Austin’s counselor, Andrés. I enjoyed meeting him when we were checking in and appreciate all of his help settling Austin into camp. I am impressed with all of the activities and know Austin will learn a lot from so many people there—both counselors and campers. We received a happy note from him too. This is a wonderful experience—being away but in a college campus type setting. I look forward to hearing all his adventures and thoughts.

Donna C, Hollis, NH
I just want to say as a parent, that I am sooo impressed with your camp! Darrien very much enjoyed herself and I enjoyed knowing what a great experience this was for her…..not to mention how much fun she had. I appreciate you all taking the time to send these parents notes. Please give Lona my hanks….and know that Darrien thinks she is terrific. We’ll see ya next year!

Carrie N., Hollis, NH
I wanted to thank you and your counselors very much for taking such good care of the girls while they were with you. They both had a great time and have both said that they would like to attend again next year. I expected that answer from Ella but was pleasantly surprised that Lily had the same response because she is more of a homebody. Both the girls really liked the counselors and enjoyed their company as much as they did the other campers.The day we came to pick them up you could just feel the good energy in the air………. it was pretty cool. We also had the pleasure of meeting Al & Jackie from the Rivendell House B&B. What a treat to meet such nice people. Deane and I did not want to leave. We really appreciate all your hard work!

Carol C., Wellesley, MA
Given that this was Meaghan’s first two-week sleep away adventure, and after learning more about your camp, we came to trust that your camp was right for her. She was the one who saw your flyer in the paper last fall, looked up your website, talked to her friend, and decided they wanted to attend Bethel Camp for the Arts on their own-before they spoke with us! When we dropped the girls off, we were very impressed by the facilities and by your counselors. Brant gave us a tour. He is quite interesting, articulate, talented, and very bright. I also enjoyed watching the amazing 2007 music video on your website. Knowing Meaghan is with great counselors and with leaders like you and Candy, we are more than comfortable that Meaghan is in good hands. We look forward to seeing Meaghan and all of the Bethel camp staff next Saturday. Thank you.

Maggie A., NYC
Thank you for a wonderful experience for Olivia. We hear her maintaining friendships with campmates, and we think that is one of the best things that she could have learned from her time at Bethel – new friends! Congratulations to you both as well on a wonderful summer!

DeeDee A., Yarmouth, ME
Thank you for such positive feedback about Ben. I was very proud of him as this was his first experience away from home. He absolutely loved camp and plans to return next year. What a GREAT place with so many GREAT people. Thank you for all of your time and attention to Ben.

Alison S., Sudbury, MA
My son Tom attended Bethel camp last week. It was his first summer there and he had a tough first few days because of homesickness. (It was hard for me too, and I’m really glad I didn’t know how bad he felt or I would have felt worse!) He ended up really loving camp, largely due to the nurturing attentions of the counselors, especially Andrés. Please let him know how grateful my husband and I are for his kindness! We will see you next year!

Carl & Andrea, Brookline, MA
Please tell Cait how grateful we were for her letter!! We were very worried and it sounds like Hannah is starting to get into the whole camp experience! We also appreciate how you and the counselors have worked hard to put Hannah at ease. It sounds like she is doing fine and will continue to grow as the days pass. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness!

Erin L-T, Brattleboro, VT
Thank you so much, once again, for running an amazing camp. SeiSei had the time of her life. She has made wonderful friends and they are already staying in touch! Again, great camp and great artwork…I have much framing to do and more shelves to put up for my talented young artist’s work!

Deb & Tony A., Chestnut Hill, MA
Thank you so much for another great summer. Kaylie had such a wonderful time and she is already looking forward to next year!

Katy S-R, Ashland, MA
We were so thrilled to hear from Lona yesterday, especially since we had not yet received a letter from any of the children. It is clear that Lona is really getting to know Marya, and all of the details in her note were much appreciated. Later in the day we got 2 notes from Marya and one from Liam in the mail. Marya is crazy about Lona in particular and all her counselors are praised in general, and she’s clearly having a wonderful time. Liam’s note was brief, but the first half was “I am having a fantastic time. It’s so fun here!” I hadn’t doubted that my kids would enjoy your camp, but having all this evidence put a big smile on my face. Thank you for everything that you and your staff are doing to make Bethel Camp so terrific!

Diane C. – Scarsdale, N.Y.
What a beautiful note to receive about our daughter, Kelsey! She was so excited to go to her first sleepaway camp. She loves to sing and dance, and it seems that she is picking up additional skills! Kelsey wants to go back next summer for a month! She is my sunshine, so I am glad that she is making friends and enjoying her time with you!

Jacki H. – Cumberland, R.I.
I can’t tell you how impressed we are at how well you are running this camp. The communication has been outstanding. I really loved reading Clare’s e-mail about Hillary’s update… it is clear that she has seen Hillary in action, and did not just send a generic email, as she described Hillary to a “T.” Our conversation with Hillary on Sunday night was very positive, and we can tell that she is enjoying every aspect of her experience at Bethel Camp. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate all of your efforts to stay in touch with us and inform us of what’s going on. You are doing an amazing job, and I didn’t want this to go unnoticed. Thanks so much for helping to make Hillary’s camp experience a memory of a lifetime!

Gigi M., Swampscott, MA
You are the best! Thanks for making this summer memorable for Raquel and Ben. I’m sure they will want to return next year. Again, thanks for making this such a great experience for the children and such a stress-free affair for the parents.

Marian D., Winchester, MA
Another wonderful year! Thank you so much! Jeneane wants to try for four weeks next year!!!!

Julie G., NYC
Susie had a wonderful time at camp. And it was a big deal for her because she is not really the kind of kid who separates easily. She wants to come back next year. I can’t thank you enough for that experience, for her and for us!

Kay S., Chevy Chase, MD
Thanks so much for all you have done to make this a wonderful summer for Ben. He had a great time and loved all the variety of activities. Each summer he comes back with a greater level of maturity and responsibility … all the best things you can hope for from a sleep-away camp. I hope he wants to return next year; it certainly is a great experience for him, and this is due in no small measure to the degree of care and attention from the counselors. Thank you, thank you!

Natalie K., Wayland, MA
Thanks for great fun, friendships and growth for Gail this summer!

Marie F. and Ed H., Scituate, MA
The camp, the performances and all the counselors were wonderful. We couldn’t wish for more. Thanks for all the hard work!

Holly V., Nantucket, MA
Thanks for everything. Abby had a great time and is begging for four weeks next summer!

Doug P, Round Pond, ME
Isaac had a wonderful time at camp. It was his first overnight camp experience and it couldn’t have been more positive. It was a real growing experience for him and the counselors were terrific. Christine and I are very grateful to you and the camp for all that you did, and we hope to see you next year when Isaac returns (which he has told us he definitely wants to do). Thank you again and all best wishes for a good year.

Stephanie R, Belmont, MA
Bethel was my first sleepaway camp so naturally I was pretty scared, but I had so much fun that I wasn’t really that homesick after the first night. All of the activities were great, even though I liked some better than others. All of the counselors were fun to be around and many were very funny. The food was great, I made a bunch of friends, I loved all of the goofy songs, and it was the best possible way for me to experience sleepaway camp. Thank you so much for that. I can’t wait to come back next year!

Dana D., Old Saybrook, CT
Casey loved the mix of courses and the counselors in her dorm. She felt she met like-minded girls, but from a more diverse background than she might in her hometown. I love the uniqueness of the available curriculum and teacher talent.

Marni P., Jupiter, FL
Adrienne really enjoyed her time at camp. Everything is better than the camp she went to last year: accommodations-excellent; food-excellent; natural beauty-excellent; kids—very nice; activities—lots of fun and well organized. Thank you for a great summer!

Lisa & Andy M, Rockport, MA
Katie had another great camp session. She’ll be back next year. Thank you for all your personal attention to the campers, staff and activities. Thank you for making her birthday special.

Peg & John G., Ashland, MA
The camp is first class in every aspect. The communications (when Nick was homesick) were very appreciated. We also truly enjoyed the feedback from Nick’s assigned counselor. This overall was a very positive and lasting experience for Nick and us as his parents.

Tina S., St. Louis Park, MN
Aidan had an incredible time and wants to go again next year for a month! He even said he wanted to be a counselor there some day. Thanks for inspiring him.

Aidan, St. Louis Park, MN
This was the best summer of my life! It taught me lessons I will never forget. It was wonderful being exposed to so many funny, positive people. I met people and learned lessons that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Pam S., Northborough, MA
Bethel Camp for the Arts far exceeded my expectations! What a wonderful experience to have a child fall in love with camp her first year being away from home. Shayna cannot wait to return next summer and is pleading to attend for both sessions. Thanks to your staff and to you, Rick & Candy for everything!

Shayna S., Northborough, MA
I thought the camp was AMAZING! I have never felt like I was more accepted in any other situation! The drama-free, no cliques rule made it really easy for me to fit in. I have nothing but rave reviews! The counselors were awesome too! I look forward to coming