Last Update: February 1, 2021

Our COVID protocols will, of necessity, continue to evolve as the progression of the virus changes. We will continue to draw information from sources such as the CDC, both state and federal as well as the Association of Camp Nursing and the American Camp Association, all of which have the most current information about the virus as well as strategies that worked for the camps that opened last year. Thomas College, where will are located, has extremely effective COVID-19 protocols in place and we have been in contact with the appropriate personnel to determine the best practice for our unique situation while we are on site at Thomas.

Camp will be different in 2021 as we develop strategies to ensure the best outcome for all. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate through this rapidly evolving situation. We know you have been living with COVID for the past year and undoubtedly have developed some strategies of your own so please do not hesitate to initiate a conversation about any thoughts or concerns you may have.

Ultimately our goal is the same, we want campers to have the most enjoyable summer camp experience possible in the midst of the reality we are living in.

A more detailed plan will be forthcoming as opening day nears. If you have any questions please do not to hesitate to contact MAC Director, Rick Mades at


Both Pre-camp and During-camp Protocols will be governed by Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI) which encompass the following areas:

  1. Screening-campers will be tested 3-5 days prior to camp and remain quarantined for a duration of 1 week prior to check in day.
  2. Daily at home screening to be reported to the nurse prior to arrival. Daily screening will be done for the duration of camp.
  3. Hand hygiene-multiple sites will be available on campus for hand washing with soap and water as the best option. Instant hand sanitizer will be readily available in activity areas as well as dorms and dining areas.
  4. Masks-campers should bring several masks to camp and we will have disposable masks available. Masks will be worn in all areas unless outside and at a distance of 6 feet or more, during meals, in bedrooms with physical distancing.
  5. Sanitizing-surfaces in activity and dining areas as well as dorms will be regularly sanitized. More frequent attention will be paid to door handles and other frequently touched areas.
  6. Ventilation-as much as possible activities will be held outdoors. Indoor areas are well ventilated.
  7. Physical distance-a space of 6 feet or more is our goal. We understand that campers may need gentle reminders. Also, it is important to remember that this is only one of our interventions so an occasional momentary lapse between campers will have less of an impact if we are vigilant with all other interventions and step in as soon as we notice campers moving too close together.


  1. Campers and staff will be tested 3-5 days prior to camp and remain quarantined until opening day of camp.
  2. All staff will receive COVID vaccine if available.
  3. All staff will remain on campus throughout all of staff training.
  4. All families will meet via Zoom with camp nurses to go over their health forms and information.
  5. Unless parents are quarantined with campers, all must wear masks in the car while driving to camp.
  6. Our intention is to have campers and staff arrive at camp healthy.


  1. Parents will drop off campers without exiting the vehicle.
  2. Counselors will be there to assist campers with luggage and escort them to their rooms.


  1. Staff will inform campers of COVID protocols and “best practices” for camp.
  2. Beds will be positioned so campers will sleep head to toe and at least 6ft apart.
  3. Showers and evening bathroom visits will be scheduled to prevent too many campers in one space.
  4. Masks and social distancing will be required in common areas.
  5. As many activities as possible will be held outdoors.
  6. Daily COVID screening.


  1. Meals will be grab and go with minimal interaction between campers and dining hall staff.
  2. Meals will be eaten outside or possibly inside if space allows for social distancing.


  1. It is recommended that all campers and staff quarantine for at least 7-10 days when they get home from camp.