Health & Wellness Information

For the health and safety of all campers and staff, we will be adhering to the following guidelines for summer 2024:

Please do not bring your child to camp if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness.  This includes upper respiratory symptoms (the common cold),  with or without fever, or gastrointestinal symptoms, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. These types of illnesses can move quickly through a camp community and while they may only cause mild discomfort in some people, they can seriously affect anyone with decreased immunity or chronic issues such as asthma or diabetes.

We will continue to use the Covid protocol we have been using for the past 3 years.  All campers should be tested for Covid at home 3 days prior to camp as well as on the morning camp begins. If either of these tests are positive, please notify the camp immediately and do not bring your child to camp. On arrival, all campers will be retested and parents will wait until we get results before leaving camp.

Since we are not a therapeutic camp, your child should be stable enough to participate in at least one 2 week session without the need of a virtual therapist appointment. If a camper is staying for 2 sessions and needs to check in with a therapist at mid point, please let us know and we will facilitate that process. In the event of a mental health crisis we will discuss this with parents or guardians and determine whether a virtual counselor visit is advisable or if the camper should return home.

Enroll Online

Maine Arts Camp now offers the ability to handle almost all aspects of your camp enrollment completely online including submitting forms using our online portal.