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MindsetGo helps people of all ages become more confident and skilled communicators. Through various types of coaching that include: Success, Interview, Career, Public Speaking and Empowerment Coaching. Our goals include: · Cultivate the tools, capacity and attitude to achieve success · Build self–awareness around one’s relationship to their emotions, thought processes, behaviors, and how this influences communication in relationships · Find their own unique authentic voice and gain the confidence to use it · Increase personal accountability and ownership for one’s own development · Overcome procrastination, fear, lack of confidence and self-belief · Change thought and behavior patterns

My Summers

My Summers is a web site for summer camp jobs. Since 1999, applicants and camp directors have the site invaluable as a place to connect for overnights looking for staff. If Maine Arts Camp is fully staffed, register at My Summers for a quality camp job. Many of the camps that subscribe to the site are in Maine and the Tri-State area. The site is run by Rick Mades, owner/director of Maine Arts Camp.