Choreography · Lyrical Ballet · Hip Hop · Jazz · Modern/Contemporary · Cardio Dance

Our dance program is lead by Ariel Grenier, a full-time dance instructor in Maine. We have a wide variety of dance classes ready to welcome everyone from beginning dancers to those with more dance experience. Some of our campers just want to try a dance class, while the more experienced dancers often take 4-5 dance classes in their schedule. Campers perform at the Final Showcase at the end of each two week session. We also offer less traditional dance options each summer, depending on the interests of our talented dance staff. The focus is on learning, but also having lots of fun. It’s camp after all! Photos of our dance program (below) are from our former location at Unity College. Colby College has two real dance studios, with wood floors, mirrors and are a perfect venue for our dancers!

Dance Photo Gallery