Maine Arts Camp Location and Facilities

Maine Arts Camp is located on the campus of the High Mowing School in Wilton, NH. High Mowing is a Waldorf school, so they integrate the visual arts, culinary arts, performing arts and the outdoors into their curriculum. Their campus is beautiful and inspirational, located on 300 acres on top of a hill. Take a tour of the school here.

To learn how Maine Arts Camp ended up in New Hampshire, read our history here

High Mowing is also convenient to camper families in New England and the Tri-State area. Some of the closest large cities are Nashua, NH and the Manchester-Bedford, NH area. Approximate driving distance from:

  • Boston suburbs – 1 hour
  • Portland, Maine – 2 hours
  • West Hartford, Connecticut – 2 hours
  • Westchester County, New York – 3.5 hours