Maine Arts Camp Philosophy

Maine Arts Camp is a small, nurturing camp community with a maximum of 90 campers per session. Our camp is a place where children and teens feel comfortable expressing their creativity while meeting likeminded kids. Because campers receive a lot of personal attention from our exceptional staff, they grow in extraordinary ways that help them lead happy, meaningful and productive lives. This includes improving social skills, learning to make decisions, becoming more resilient, and gaining other character-building tools.

Since we're small we get to know our campers and staff as the directors—from learning everyone's name, to knowing what's happening with each camper. We also can be extremely selective in our hiring process, and we have a significant number of mature teachers on staff.

At Maine Arts Camp we partner with parents to provide their children with the opportunity to learn, grow, make friends and have fun. The partnership develops as we communicate with you throughout the year. Learning about your child in advance helps us understand how to tap into his or her unique strengths, while providing support in ways most needed.

It can be both exciting and overwhelming to search for the right summer camp for your child or teen. Each child is unique and will thrive better in certain environments than others. Our camp director, Rick Mades, has years of experience guiding families through this process. If you think we might be a good fit for your child, please give us a call. (561) 865-4330

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Rick Mades, Director


"A much more secure girl came home from camp, loving who she is and celebrating her differences. Thank you for fostering that in her. We look forward to seeing you again next year!"
- Jen P., Rye, NH

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