Amory Raymond - Music instructor

Born and raised in Maine, Amory’s vocation is improvisational jazz theory and performance. A long-time contributor to New England’s jazz music scene, Amory has been a collaborator of many groups and ensembles in the East Coast throughout his career. His most recent project, The Trapparatus, toured New England performing jazz fusion, a genre combining jazz harmony and improvisation with rock, funk, blues, soul, and hip-hop roots. His methods and signature sound are adapted to guitar from a variety of melodic disciplines and theories to create his own unique and compelling voice. Amory studied at the Berklee College of Music and University of Maine at Augusta, receiving a BA in jazz performance in 2006. His studies focused on theory, performance, improvisation, composition, and arrangement. As a music instructor, Amory has utilized these techniques, as well as many other musical and theoretical approaches, for the past 20 years. He views music both as a discipline and an outlet for an individual’s artistic expression. Each of his students are taught through a customized lesson plan and material, a curriculum formed collaboratively with Amory and his pupils to find the best pathway to learning. The ultimate goal is to develop a student’s skill beyond individual practice into a collaborative musical experience. Amory enjoys introducing young musicians to ensemble situations and giving them the confidence to play music in a group setting. Amory looks forward to his first year at Maine Arts Camp, and to helping campers develop their musical and performance skills. Listen and learn more at

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