Molly Reitman - Dorm Counselor/Writing/Music

Molly Reitman earned her BA in Creative Writing from the University of Michigan, minoring in Global Media Studies with a focus on writing for television. Her fiction and poetry have been published in Rust + Moth and Sword & Thorn Magazine, and her satire has appeared on the website ClickHole. She was a fellow at the Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, and she is currently hard at work on her first novel—a story of love, family, and hard candy based in a world of Greek mythology. She is the director of Video PR for her roller derby league and was the producer for a feature film in Detroit in 2019, currently in post-production. In her free time, Molly enjoys rollerskating, playing guitar and ukulele while singing very loudly (to her neighbors' dismay), working out, and reading lots and lots of books. She believes that artistic expression is good for the soul, and she is extremely excited for her first summer at Maine Arts Camp!

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