Lucie Boucher - Glass instructor

Dr. Lucie Boucher is looking forward to her 4th summer as part of the Maine Arts Camp family. Lucie is a professional glass artist living in Waterville, Maine. Lucie’s work can be seen on her website at She and her husband, Bernie, have shown their work in galleries across the United States and have sold work to customers in 43 states, 2 Canadian provinces, and 5 countries outside the U.S. They won the 2009 Niche Award for Fused Glass and have sold to multiple art collectors. They have also designed glass art for corporations as corporate logos and gifts. In addition, Lucie holds a doctoral degree in education from The University of Maine. In public education, she has taught students from kindergarten through graduate level. Lucie has been teaching glass to people ages six to 90 for the past nine years. While her main technique is fusing, she also works in and teaches stained glass, glass casting, mosaics, and glass painting. When not working in the glass studio, Lucie enjoys gardening, knitting, reading, volunteering for Hospice, and babysitting her 2 year-old grandson.

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