Robin Brateman-Kaplan - Head Girls' Counselor

Robin has spent 10 summers as a camper in day and overnight camps and 12 in various counselor positions in a variety of different camps. She was a general counselor, a tennis and basketball specialist, a swim instructor, an athletic director and a waterfront director. Her three daughters spent 10 summers at the camp where she directed the waterfront. Her dual role at that time, as both mother and waterfront director allowed her to see and experience so many different aspects of camp life from the perspective of: campers, her children, parents, counselors, and other directors at the camp. She loves the theme at the Maine Arts Camp as a non-competitive, friendly, supportive and nurturing environment for all of the campers in a beautiful Maine setting. Robin was a Physical Education and Health instructor for 5 years at a private school instructing students from the kindergarten age through the 12th grade. It was a very small private school with about 150 students in all; a very similar feel as it is at the Maine Arts Camp. She has taught and is certified in the classroom for grades K-8 as well. She has been a volunteer tutor for reading for first and second grade students in a Florida elementary school for the last three years. She loves children of all ages, enjoys interacting with them and with people of all ages. She loves film, theatre, dance, music and is excited to be a part of Maine Arts Camp. Robin moved to South Florida in 2015, and was born and raised and lived her entire life in Northern NJ.

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